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Austin, Texas 2006

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    Mike and I attended the Dril-Quip Sales Meeting @ Austin, Texas ... it was more fun and food than meeting !
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April 11, 2007


shiso mama

i was just checking out the fabrics at ikea! they have a lot of great prints and such great prices. good luck with the new blog!


Maybe it's an Asian thing? I was very into Japanese cuteness (Hello Kitty, Fido Dido) until well into my 20s. Maybe even up until I had kids! I like to think I'm all grown up now, but some of the kid cutie stuff still appeals to me. :o)



'Jink ma fan' got to bring own pillow. It reminds me of Chris when he first brought Mark to Australia, they brought along the bathtub. Anyway all being said, is thoughtful of you. Hey, those buttons what a sight !! A looong way to go to brighten up a lousy day. Fortunately one 3 alphaets otherwise 'shiong'

Keep it up !

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