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Austin, Texas 2006

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June 01, 2007



That looks like a great idea for your mom. Exercise gets harder as you get older and it's hard to go for walks when you might have trouble walking!

What a thoughtful, loving gift. Have fun in Singapore!


Dear Evelyn,

What can I say except to give thanks to a Great God who provide me with an outstanding daughter/sister/aunty. To go through all the effort to bring home that HUGE chair for mom, I am definite it will bring tears to her eyes for ALL the trouble and I am sure she will at least make extra effort to make full use of the chair and if she doesn't, I will use it; I too need exercise okay.

Yes, God will provide and I have personally experience our Jehovah Jireh's provision. All glory and praise to Him and Him alone.

Can't wait to give you and Pei a BIG hug.

Lots of luv


I'm sooo very glad you'll be making this trip! As one who lives far from one's family, I understand what it's like, especially as the years get one and everyone's aging--including one's self! I get home to see my family every year, and feel so blessed that somehow it happens. May you have a wonderful time, cherished days with your family & friends in Singapore! What a good idea to introduce some healty movement & exercise into your mother's life--you are so good! I hope this exercise chair will help her. I don't know much about specific exerice regimes for the elderly, but I can highly recommend yoga for anyone of any age! You will be much missed her while you're away. Have fun getting ready for your trip! Big Hugs :o)

Rachel S.

May God's hand be on every detail of your journey and stay in Singapore, blessing every moment!

shiso mama

have a great time in singapore! what a thoughtful daughter you are. it will surely be tons of fun to be surrounded by family.

as for exercise, it usually seems more appealing when it's done with someone else. my grandparents enjoy their walks, particularly to the park, and the fresh air is good too. whenever we walk by the pakrs here in taipei, there are tons of people sitting out there, and doing their low-impact stretches and exercises, plus doing a little socializing. maybe you parents would enjoy the air, the exercise and the chance to socialize?


I popped over here from Lisa's blog.

I understand your worries of being so far away from aging parents. Distance is always a challenge when you can't get there, regardless of the impediment to travel.

Enjoy your trip!

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