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Austin, Texas 2006

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July 16, 2007



Hi, Eveyln! I'm so glad you're back--you've been missed! I'd been checking backc here the last couple of days to see if you posted...Thank you for sharing Krystal's story with us. And for the personal email you sent me about it. I hope you had a chance to read my mail before you went on holiday, or have now. I'm with you in any way of support! I will gladly make something special, or even mulitple items if need be, to help you! I look forward to helping Krystal & her son. I have a link to your blod already at mine, but I will link here to Krystal's story and help spread the word! I will email you more tomorrow. Let's talk this week about what can be done! Love & Hugs :o)


I'm not what some call a "talented" crafter, not famous in the blogland either, but I lost several family members because of cancer and this touches me a lot.
It is so unfair that some people in our Western countries can't still get the medical care they need for a matter of money. Shame !

I'd like to help & craft something depending on how much time there's left before the ebay auction and maybe make a post on my blog with a link to yours for French bloggers, to seek for more donators... please let me know how I can help, what, when... etc...


Hi Evelyn,

Count me in...I would like to do what I can to help.



Dear Evelyn,

Bet you are refreshed after your home visit and all of us had a wonderful and memorable time.

You are an angel sent from above to journey with Krystal. How true, many hands make the job easier. Every experience in life, be it good or not so good, is a lesson from God and He will see Krystal through. I will uphold Krystal in prayer for His healing grace.


hi Evelyn! I'm glad you are back too. and I'd love to help out with this once I get settled in Portland. my big move across the country is next week, so I'm getting super busy and geared up. I will email you once I get moved and would be more than happy to do any crafts or anything to auction off.

One Womans Cottage Life

I would love to donate to this worthy cause! Is there a deadline for the Ebay auction? And do I ship my crafts to you first? Just email me and let me know the details and I'll put something together. You are a dear for doing this!


Hi, Evelyn! Just cross checking here ;o) So far I think we're about 18 happy helping hands--such a great start! Drop me a line when you can! ((HUGS))


What a wonderful thing you're doing! I'd love to help, I don't know if I can craft anything ebay-worthy in time...Maybe I can post a link to this? Let me know!


Evelyn--I hope you have a lot of success from your auction, prayers will be going out to Krystal and family.

I dropped you an email about our Sweet Goodness Swap, please check it out when you can :)


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