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Austin, Texas 2006

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    Mike and I attended the Dril-Quip Sales Meeting @ Austin, Texas ... it was more fun and food than meeting !
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August 19, 2007



HOORAY! So very glad to hear how the day went yesterday! I've been thinking and thinking about you all all weekend...So great to see the photo of you, Krystal & Alec! It sounds like the Benefit was a success--money-wise and fun wise. Did all of our handicrafts get bids an go home with happy new owners? I'm so sorry Val's backpack didn't make it in time to you...I sent it on Val's behalf, but due to it arriving late to me, I got it off to you as fast as I could :o( This has been so exciting! Let us know what happens next, how much money was raised. Keep us posted on how things go for Krystal & Alec. And if you need any more crafts to raffle off or anything else--my hands are always ready! :o) I'm sure you slept good last night. How are things there with the hurricane? I pray you are all safe. See you soon. ((BIG HUGS)) for all the good you do all the time! :o)


the picture made me smile and have my eyes wet, both at the same time. paradox ? maybe not, just emotion. a big hug to all of you 3 ! I'll stay tuned and pray that Krystal will be allright.
I keep my eyes on that hurricaine, too. It's growing they say. I lnw two other people in your area, incl. my brother in law. I hope you'll be safe.
Thanks so much for all this Evelyn !


Wonderful to hear that things went so well, and like Tracy, I am excited to hear all the details. Most of all we pray that Krystal and Alec are going to be OKay. Thank you for letting us help.


What a great picture of the three of you! Makes me alittle weepy eyed too! I hope they raised alot of money to help Krystal. If they are doing anymore benefits for Krystal, please let me know! I'll be happy to help in any way I can!You're a wonderful person for helping out Evelyn ((hugs))


Really glad that we could all come together to offer our help in little ways!
It's heartwarming to know that so many care and are giving towards the benefit for Krystal and Alec. Sure hope that the goal of this benefit is reached beyond expectation!


My dearest sister,

I am soooo proud of you though you should be resting with all the aches, pains and migraine you are experiencing, you care enough to share your love to Krystal. I recall you telling Pei when she was little - "sharing is happiness", how true. God bless

Wild Rose

Hi Evelyn

I'm glad to hear that the event was such a success and that I was able to offer a contribution to its success.

Marie x


Congratulations. Sounds like the evening was a great success. Keep us posted. Stay safe.

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